Artistic process


It was through a personal development full of challenges that I one day discovered watercolour. At the time I was experimenting with other techniques, before settling on the one which let me express myself best: oil painting. I’ve been painting freely ever since, with a liberty I use to explore a wide range of themes.

From an eventful life I’ve kept images, models that have the capacity to move me and give nuance to my creation. In the search for happiness, I remain positive and smiling; I thrive on the good moments life offers. I transpose the energy derived into the canvas by means of various subjects using bright colours. It’s at the same time the people I meet, places I visit, events that happen – that I want to convey through my paintings.

When I enter my workshop it’s like coming home. At the beginning of each painting, there’s an inevitable state of uncertainty that gives way, little by little, to shapes, colours, an atmosphere… The hand’s gesture is expressed using the paintbrush as well as the knife, tools that often share space on the same canvas to reach a highly figurative artwork

I like when a dialogue can take place between the visitor’s eye and my painting. I want to suggest a feeling, an emotion. Painting for me is taking a snapshot of life and making its beauty shine. That means communicating feelings, and not the least that of pleasure...